HIGH QUALITY GLASS: We are proud to offer our customers a high level of craftsmanship perfection, we follow the tradition of the ancient Murano glassworks, we produce glass just as it once was with extreme attention to quality: purity, transparency and lightness blend with the artistic skills of our glass masters who make completely by hand Murano glass chandeliers that are unique and timeless works. Murano glass has a thousand-year history (find out more): Bottega Veneziana helps to pass it on through the love for their work. Our classic Murano glass chandeliers are an icon of made in Venice and have always characterized us as an artistic glassware of excellence. A Murano glass chandelier made by our furnace is the result of the hard work of glass masters to give you a quality product. Today, in Murano and in the Venetian mainland, the furnaces that produce Murano glass chandeliers are fewer and fewer but our company is committed to continuing this important tradition of Murano glass classic and modern chandeliers. Be inspired by all the solutions present in the vast archive / catalog of Bottega Veneziana with over 2000 photos of installed and set chandeliers. Use the handy price calculator or send a specific request using this link. A Bottega Veneziana chandelier is a unique and original object made to measure for your home.