SAVINGS: The Venetian chandelier is a valuable object, the result of technical knowledge acquired by the glass masters during many years of experience, but also of artistic ability, which allows you to create a final product that turns out to be a quality artifact. The Bottega Veneziana artistic glass factory produces and sells its products directly and offers a catalog of Murano chandeliers at discounted prices to meet the needs of those who appreciate the Venetian art of Murano glass and want to buy a unique, original and certified piece of furniture. that maintains a high level of craftsmanship value. Direct purchase allows our customers to obtain discounts of up to 50% on the market price. It is possible to access the PROMOTIONS area and discover the current offers or access the OUTLET section to view the catalog of both classic murano chandeliers at competitive prices and modern murano chandeliers at discounted prices. Murano chandelier prices vary according to the size, the number of lights, the addition of gold leaf and other variants, but in any case a low price murano glass chandelier can be found in the outlet section of this site.